Educational Philosophy

-Esteva theorized that the format for traditional schools does not have practical use in the real world, and that it only gives “passport” into society

-“many of them(parents) don’t dare as yet to take their children out of primary school. They don’t want to deprive them of the school diploma, a required passport in the modern society, whose lack is a continual source of discrimination and humiliation”-Gustavo Esteva

-Also contended that traditional education “numbs” students of their culture and heritage

-Main point of philosophy is that we need to radically restructure education to become a more practical compliment to different cultures and societies.

-Believed that the best way to learn a practical trade, or skill, was through working with people who already possess the trade or skill.

-“We learn better when nobody is teaching us. We learn better from a master when he or she is not teaching us…our vital competence comes from learning by doing, without any kind of teaching”-Gustavo Esteva